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So what is in a club crest.....

23 May 2017

So, some of you would of noticed the new crest..... "but what is that door in the middle?" you have asked.

Well former Chairman, Treasurer, player and keen local historian Trevor Harp has provided an insight.

"I think the door your are referring to is actually a gridiron. It represents the church of St. Laurence and All Saints, Eastwood which stands by the airport runway and dates from around 1100AD.

St. Laurence was a deacon of Rome and was martyred in 258 AD by the Emperor Robinson Valerian by, according to legend, being roasted over a fire strapped to a gridiron.

There is some doubt to this as deacons were normally decapitated (from a Drabble full toss). He is the patron saint of comedians (insert irony here), cooks and chefs (no wonder we have the best tea in the league)"