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Chairman in Malt Teaser

16 Aug 2020

This week the hot weather and low winds have seen many migrants making the dash across the channel to the UK. Following new lock down measures implemented by Boris this week chairman Dave has now joined this sad exodus from foreign lands. Stranded in Malta with the pending imposed 14-day isolation on his return, Dave and his wife flew to France and made their way to a Calais camp where a man with a rubber dingy and 2 oars was waiting. Dave and his wife forced to paddle their way home were picked up by the Royal Navy frigate HMS Wallesea Wench (full of drunken sailors no doubt) and are now in a detention centre somewhere on the outskirts of Dover. Whether we will ever see Dave again is up for debate and Hucky has made it been known he will be happy to step up to the job so no problems there. This migrant human tragedy is just another story in the terrible news this week. Dave has been removed from the committee WhatsApp group.