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AGM minutes 28/02/2021

28 Feb 2021

Minutes from Eastwood Cricket Club AGM - 28th February 2021

Attendees: Sean Worrell, Julie Creasey, James Drabble, Trevor Clarke, Kevin Robinson, Phil Bartlett, Al Wade, Robert Palmer, David Howe, Cameron Hill, Stephen Huckstepp, Nimal Patel, Tim Ward, Brett Deeming, Simon Cooper, Bill Lovatt


1)      The minutes of the previous AGM were reviewed and accepted.

2)      Chairman’s Report (Dave Howe):

a.       Dave Howe commented that this was the first ever virtual AGM that Eastwood Cricket Club had held.

b.       Dave gave thanks to the following for their continued support of the club during the pandemic:

                                                               i.      The Committee members

                                                             ii.      The Creasey family

                                                           iii.      Mike Stirrup

                                                            iv.      Alex Cunningham

                                                             v.      The Captains

                                                            vi.      Brett Deeming and Tom Byford for organising cricket week

                                                          vii.      Stephen Huckstepp for organising and running the 100 club.

c.       Dave commented that the Club was in a financially secure position.

d.       There is a need to attract more younger and talented players to the club as the first team needed strengthening

e.       Dave mentioned that there is a list of club members who have outstanding match fees and subscriptions to pay (debtors). He will be contacting each debtor to discuss payment.

f.        The league has organised a full set of fixtures for 2021 and the club is preparing with the assumption that a full season will be possible this year as Covid restrictions are relaxed.

3)      Secretaries Report (Bill Lovatt)

a.       The club received a £1000 grant from Essex Cricket to be used on outfield maintenance and improvements.

4)      Treasurer’s Report (Al Wade):

a.       2020 annual subscriptions were not collected from members because of the limited programme of cricket fixtures last year.

b.       The club made £900 from the 100 club in 2020, and £1000 from Essex cricket (see Secretaries report)

c.       Because of Covid, 2020 match fees were mostly collected by members paying directly into the club bank account rather than handing money to the captains on the day. This led to a 35% reduction in match fees collect and increased the debtor list.

d.       Overall profit of £1900 in 2020, with both income and expenses down due to Covid.

e.       The balance sheet was healthy and the club may consider reducing subscriptions. This was discussed, and agreed that the annual subscription would be reduced to £20 (no concessions) in 2021. Match Fees would remain at £10 (£5 for concessions).

5)      1st XI Captain’s Report (Brett Deeming):

a.       Brett opened by hoping that everyone was fit and well in these strange times

b.       Brett mentioned that the 2 day inter club game during cricket week was probably the highlight of the season and enjoyable.

c.       The 1st team missed the lack of competitive cricket and hoped that the league would return in 2021.

6)      2nd XI Captain’s report (Phil Bartlett):

a.       Phil talked through the Covid blighted season during which about 11 friendlies were played against local sides. The team won 4 games with a couple being abandoned due to the weather.

7)      3rd XI Captain’s Report (Rob Palmer):

a.       Truncated season completed with the ethos of giving as many people as possible a game of cricket.

8)      Fixture Secretary Report (Al Wade):

a.       Full league Season organised in 2021. First match is a friendly against Rankins on the 17th April.

b.       Stephen Huckstepp asked about the possibility of resurrecting the Sunday team for Sunday fixtures. Action: Committee to look into this.

9)      Team Secretary (Kevin Robinson):

a.       Full league Season organised in 2021. Expect some special Covid related playing conditions will be in place throughout the season.

b.       The club bar will be open from April for takeaways

c.       No indoor nets possible this year.

d.       No significant rule changes introduced by the league this year.

10)   Election of officers.

a.       All of the following officers were re-elected to their posts unopposed:

                                                               i.      Dave Howe – Chairman

                                                             ii.      Bill Lovatt – Secretary

                                                           iii.      Al Wade – Treasurer

                                                            iv.      Kevin Robinson – Team Secretary

                                                             v.      Bill Lovatt – Press Secretary

                                                            vi.      Al Wade – Fixture Secretary

                                                          vii.      Julie Creasy – Assistant Secretary

                                                        viii.      Tom Byford – Social Secretary

                                                            ix.      Stephan Huckstepp, Nimal Patel – ministers without portfolio

b.       Cameron Hill was elected to join the committee as assistant Social Secretary in place of Archie Mathews who is stepping down.

c.       The captains were duly re-elected to their posts unopposed:

                                                               i.      Brett Deeming – 1st XI

                                                             ii.      Phil Bartlett – 2nd XI

                                                           iii.      Rob Palmer – 3rd XI

                                                            iv.      Kevin Robinson – Evening League

11)   AOB:

a.       Can we get an Overseas Player (Brett Deeming) Action: None

b.       Any thoughts from the committee on how mobility of teams to the Essex League will affect the T.Rippon league (Sean Worrell). Action: None

c.       Will new club clothing be available to purchase by club members (Cameron Hill). Action: Committee to furnish members with kit buying options once available.

d.       Potential for sports conflict this summer between overrunning football and basketball leagues could impact player availability for cricket. (Sean Worrell). Action: None

e.       There was a discussion on the provision of an electronic scoreboard for the club. Action: £1200 spend agreed at AGM, committee to take forward and have new scoreboard ready for the start of the season. Scoreboard options analysis and proposal to be led by Stephen Huckstepp.

f.        Purchase of Gazebo to provide weather protection during matches (Dave Howe) Action: to be discussed further at Committee.

g.       Purchase of additional sight screens for the third team pitch (James Drabble). Action : None.

12)   Meeting Closed