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Eastwood Cricket Club - Code of conduct

04 Aug 2014

Hi all,

Please take note of the attached code of conduct of the cricket club. Please ensure you maintain high standards when representing the club.

Many thanks

Code of conduct

Our aim is to remain an accessible and friendly cricket club

Club officials, adult captains, coaches, team managers and volunteers are asked to

  • Observe the Conduct and Child Protection Policy, which is a condition of membership
  • Consider wellbeing and safety before performance
  • Consider only activities appropriate to age, ability and experience
  • Avoid exerting undue influence over players to obtain personal benefit or reward
  • Value enthusiasm and good conduct as well as results
  • Develop appropriate working relationships with players and their families, based on mutual trust and respect
  • Promote the positive aspects of cricket e.g. fair play
  • Display consistently high standards of behaviour and appearance and avoid taking alcohol while supervising juniors.

Players are asked to

  • Be fair and help everyone to enjoy the game. Shake hands with opponents and thank umpires and scorers.
  • Observe the dress code; cricketers to wear whites (or other approved colours).

Parents/ Guardians are asked to

  • Discuss your child’s needs and progress with the team managers or Heads of Junior Cricket
  • Encourage your child to learn and observe the laws of cricket
  • Recognise and encourage fair play. Clap incoming batsmen and applaud good performances of both sides
  • Help your child to recognise good performances, not just good results
  • Discourage unfair play and arguing with officials. Support and help team managers and appointed volunteers; avoid questioning or criticism of their judgement in public
  • Encourage but never force your child to play
  • Use correct and proper language at all times
  • Where possible, provide help with hospitality for players and guests; support social functions.

Everyone is asked to Support the interests of the club and bring any relevant concerns to the attention of team managers, the Heads of Junior Cricket or The Club Welfare Officer. Your club wants to know of any problems that need to be addressed.