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Paypal payments to the club

22 Apr 2013

As you might have seen Trevor and Neil have been working hard in the recent weeks to ensure a smooth payment system for collecting subs, match fees and club shop payments and finally move the club away from cash and cheque payments of the 20th century. One method for payments is PayPal which allows club members to use a credit card to make payments.

When payments are made through this method, PayPal will charge the club a fee for the service up to £1 for a match sub of £11. While the club has no wish to forward this charges on to the members we have made the decision that there will be limits for minimum payments via this method. If you wish to make a payment via PayPal the minimum amount will be £35 to ensure this method is viable for the club.   

Other options of payment will continue such as Cash, Cheque (Payable to Eastwood Cricket Club) or internet banking transfer at no charge. If you make an internet banking transfer please ensure you name is in the reference field.

Many thanks, Graham.